Here is a list of Hemp Tycoon as of 3/4/13 (Not Complete) for Facebook edition. Everything is in the game, but it would definetly be easier to see it in a table instead of having to go through the clunky UI.


 Building Cost Turns into.. Mats' needed Income Exp


The Milkish Way 500 1x Milk 2x Hemp 70 1 ??
I Think I Candy 3000 1x Candies

2x Gum Blend

5x Candy

320 2 ??
The Tea Pot 1500 1x Tea

2x Cali

1x Mystic

155 1 ??
Earthy Gas Cola 6000 1x Soda

5x Firefly

2x Alien

455 2 ??
Greenery Creamery 12000 1x Ice Cream

4x Frozen

2x Milk

1200 3 ??
De-Beefed 20000 1x Hemp Burgers

1x Dragon

5x Bacon

1650 3 ??
Nu Brew 32000 1x Beer

5x Cactus

2x Especial

2400 4 42
...But At What Frosting? 55000 1x Cupcakes

2x Cotton Candy

1x Rainbow

2x Candies

3500 5 48
The Sama Of San 75000 1x Sushi

4x Eyeball

10x Pulp

2x Thorny

17750 7 54
Sommelyay! 120000 1x Wine

5x Royal

5x Crimson

2x Unicorn

48500 10 60
Power Plant 50000 1x Hemponium

1x Candies

1x Soda

N/A 50 ??

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