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Level 35
Seed Cost $8,500
Yield 1
Value $3,900
Experience 400 exp
Grow Time 8:00:00
Withers In 6:00:00
Description Firefly leaves contain a chemical compound that's sensitive to light and moisture levels. Studies published by agricultural institutes in India suggest this plant acheives best results in a dark subterranean settings.


Firefly grows better in the Cave where the yield VARIES:

9 instead of 1, when grown without other assistance.

7 instead of 1, with reduced grow time, when using incense.

Note: Best $ achieved with Incense+Buddha, 189 crops x 3900 = 767K net return after 4Hr 48 Minutes, grown in fully expanded cave. Seed cost = 178.5K Per cycle. 40 Firefly

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